Compliance and the rise of Data Protection Management Software

Compliance and the rise of Data Protection Management Software

Type “Data Protection Software” in to Google and the definition (and software vendors that mainly appear) explains the process of backing up your most critical data and preparing for (and recovering) the effects of equipment failure or accidental loss of data.

Got a question about our company or our solutions and services? Just complete and submit the form below, and we`ll be in touch at a time that suits you, via phone or email, to give you the help you needRecently though with the increasing intensity around compliance and policy on data usage and storage, data protection management software has established a completely new category of software products that aim to give clarity and guidance to upcoming regulations – in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR is all anyone has been hearing for the last 12 months – especially organisations in the IT industry. That may be because the regulation itself will completely overhaul the way IT companies (and B2B businesses in general) engage with prospective clients. It might also be because the upcoming regulation has created a whole new reason for companies who help with compliance to speak with potential customers. One company we’ve been really excited about over the last 6 months is DPOrganizer which is the only software vendor we know of that looks at GDPR purely from a legal perspective and provides organisations with an intuitive template to complete the compliance work themselves.

Even GDPR ‘experts’ need guidance from time to time and this solution is just that. Follow the steps that the templated software sets out, and be safe in the knowledge that you’re compliant with the regulation. The real legal experts have done the hard work so you don’t have to, and, if and when the regulation gets updated, the team behind the software will update the software accordingly so that you continue to ensure your company is in line with the European-level initiative.

They say themselves that they were set up in 2015 to “combine expertise in data protection, information security and user experience to create a new generation of tools supporting organisations around the globe in managing data protection challenges.”

Importantly they’re simplifying a very complicated regulation and making sure all information is easily accessible, usable and understandable, to make data processing easier and more efficient for the entire organisation but especially for the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officers in ensuring compliance.

Understanding data processing and having visibility of the necessary steps is the first step in making sure your organisation won’t be stung with a very large fine. Like any task, it’s a lack of understanding and education which is the first barrier to overcome to be able to provide solutions.

Metsi Technologies are currently setting up short webex demonstrations of DPOrganizer for businesses in a variety of different sectors.

If you’re interested in receiving a free demonstration and think it may be valuable for your business, email Metsi at with the subject line “DPOrganizer”.

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