Video Demos and Tutorials

Video Demos and Tutorials

As we continue to solve complex customer problems we like to share some videos we’ve created around Multicloud, Automation, APM, Networking, Security, Solutions and VolleySpike.

MulticloudMetsi Hybrid Cloud CCP Demo Part 4 Use Cisco StealthWatch to show traffic in public and private Kubernetes Clusters
MulticloudMetsi Hybrid Cloud CCP Demo Part 3 Use the Cisco Container Platform to Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster on vSphere
MulticloudMetsi Hybrid Cloud CCP Demo Part 2
Use the Cisco Container Platform to Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster on AWS EKS
MulticloudMetsi Hybrid Cloud CCP Demo Part 1
Use Cisco CloudCenter to deploy an application to vSphere and AWS EKS Kubernetes Clusters
AutomationIaaS Out-of-the-Box Part 2
Deploy Infrastructure as a Service as a working platform very quickly Part 2
AutomationIaaS Out-of-the-Box Part 1 Deploy Infrastructure as a Service as a working platform very quickly Part 1
MulticloudDrive Value with Cisco Multicloud Manage multicloud complexity with Cisco & Metsi, Cisco Live 2018
APMAppDynamics & CloudCenter Cisco CloudCenter with AppDynamics
NetworkingEasy Cisco ACI Deployments Part 2 An in depth demonstration of how we build infrastructure deployments from complex business rules
NetworkingEasy Cisco ACI Deployments Part 1 Use Metsi Simpla to deploy ACI in a nanosecond
APMAppDynamics Overview
Learn how AppDynamics can be used to monitor your complex applications
SecurityBuild Your Identity and Access Management Strategy
Learn how to enable identity role based access for your enterprise
Service CatalogMetsi Simpla Self Service Catalog Webinar
Learn how Metsi Simpla provides a simple, intuitive interface for enabling infrastructure automation
Service CatalogMetsi PSC Form To CPO Process Integration Demo

Build Cisco Prime Service Catalog active form components that directly integrate with 3rd party systems by utilizing AJAX and Cisco Process Orchestrator
SecurityMetsi Security Solutions
Metsi provides advisory consultancy, professional services and product advice to organizations to deliver cloud security, business orchestration and self service solutions
SolutionsMetsi Service Oriented Data Center Journey
Discover how hybrid cloud management can enable you to scale your business
SolutionsIT Service Catalog with Metsi Simpla

Learn how to enable service delivery with Metsi Simpla
SolutionsEmployee Onboarding using Cisco Prime Service Catalog

Design an Employee OnBoarding Service using the Cisco Prime Service Catalog
AutomationCisco Intercloud Fabric Live Demo
Here we show 2x Linux servers on a LAN (Web and DB) and connectivity is maintained when we move the VM to Amazon's AWS platform using Cisco's Intercloud Fabric extending the Layer 2 network into Amazon's service platform
AutomationSCCM integration with UCS Director Integration Here we built a Windows 2012 r2 server from a WIM Image via a Runbook kicked off from Cisco's UCS Director
VolleySpikeVolleyspike Tutorial 5
How to upload match and backup and debug data
VolleySpikeVolleyspike Tutorial 4 How to use the scoring screen
VolleySpikeVolleyspike Tutorial 3
How to setup a set
VolleySpikeVolleyspike Tutorial 2 How to setup a match
VolleySpikeVolleyspike Tutorial 1
How to register and login


Cisco Enterprise Cloud Suite

How you define agility is dependent on your role and the processes that need automating: End users want to order applications in a self-service manner and take delivery within minutes. Application developers need automated delivery of standardized infrastructure resources to develop, test, and deploy applications. IT needs to deliver application workloads on-demand in an automated and repeatable manner, eliminating manual provisioning or deprovisioning of resources.

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Cisco ACI

Cisco ACI helps customers manage and excel in complex environments by increasing operational efficiencies, delivering network automation, and improving security for any combination of on-premises data centers, private, and public clouds. With ACI, customers can increase business agility through network optimisation, business protection, and cloud enablement.

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CASE STUDY: Large Financial Enterprise

Customer Overview Industry: Financial Sector Location: Brussels, Belgium Number of Employees: 4000 Challenge Complex request management process No automation and orchestration of business processes Complex business process and approvals requiring manual intervention Integration into VMware, XenDesktop, SCCM, IPAM, ITSM and more...

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