Software-Defined Networking

Dynamically configure and provision applications, infrastructure and IT resources

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) helps organisations accelerate application deployment and delivery and reduces IT costs via policy-enabled work-flow automation.

With software-defined networking (SDN), you can more easily make your network automatically adjust to application needs. No more changing configurations across an endless number of devices. You gain an end-to-end network services view and can control your core assets more effectively. Build a network today for what your business needs tomorrow.

Cisco’s SDA, SD-WAN and ACI solutions are platforms for policy based digital business.

Automate infrastructure based on one policy across the entire access network, as a single fabric.
  1. Management – Manage Cisco SD-Access with a central dashboard. Easily design, provision, apply policy, and assure network services with full visibility across the entire network.
  2. Identity-based policy – Gain awareness of what’s hitting your network. SD-Access simplifies delivery of consistent, highly secure, identity-based policy for users and devices across wired and wireless networks.

Predict network performance by using machine learning to correlate user and application data with actionable insights.
  1. Simplify management – A single user interface makes it easy to troubleshoot problems on your network.
  2. Gain network visibility – Collect data in real time from devices, users, and applications across the enterprise.
  3. Save time, solve problems – Analytics combined with automation reduces time spent on troubleshooting.


Help ensure a high-quality user experience at your branch offices while reducing costs and complexity.
  1. Better user experience – Deploy applications in minutes, on any platform. Deliver a consistent user experience and predictable performance.
  2. Greater agility – Get faster, easier deployment and operation of your WAN, and faster performance using less bandwidth.
  3. Advanced threat protection – Securely connect users to applications. Multilayer security encrypts all data for protection from the WAN edge to the cloud.


Help ensure a high-quality user experience at your branch offices while reducing costs and complexity.
  1. Automation and agility – Automate IT workflows and help organisations shorten app deployment from weeks to minutes.
  2. Open and programmable – Build programmable SDN fabrics leveraging open APIs and over 65 Cisco ACI global partner ecosystems.
  3. Security and analytics – Secure applications through whitelist model, policy enforcement, and micro-segmentation.
  4. Workload mobility at scale – Deploy and migrate applications seamlessly across geographies with consistent policy.


Based on our experience in the field and the complex customer problems we have solved, we have defined a number of service packages, which will accelerate the adoption of your software defined networking journey.

You can choose from ACI, SDA and SD-WAN packages which are designed to be fixed scope and fixed price, to provide measurable outcomes and value in the investment you’ve made in your enterprise networking solutions.

ACI Network Service Packages

ACI-FD-POVACI PoVACI for cloud service automation- a Proof of Value
ACI-FD-DEPFoundation DeploymentACI fabric and APIC controller foundation build / kickstarter package
ACI-VD-CUSCustom DeploymentCustomised ACI fabric design and deployment to meet customer specific requirements
ACI-AD-VMMVMM IntegrationAdd-on: Integration of VMM domains into ACI for VMware VDS or Cisco AVE
ACI-AD-MPOMulti-PoD FoundationAdd-on: Installation, configuration & deployment of a MultiPod solution between two (2) locations
ACI-VD-MSOMulti-Site OrchestratorAdvanced: Installation, configuration & deployment of Cisco Multi-Site Orchestrator between two (2) different ACI fabrics
ACI-VD-VPOvPoDAdvanced: Installation, configuration & deployment of an ACI virtual POD into a single (1) location
ACI-VD-REMRemote LeafAdvanced: Installation, configuration & deployment of a remote leaf solution to a single remote location
ACI-VD-SRIService InsertionAdvanced: Provide foundation for L4-L7 service insertion of either firewall or load balancer services
ACI-VD-AUTACI AutomationAdvanced: Build an Automation layer required for ACI process automation, based on Ansible or Cisco UCSD products
ACI-VD-LMGLimited Migration ServiceAdvanced: Limited service migration package to kick-start migration process
ACI-VD-MIGCustom Service MigrationsAdvanced: Provide consultancy services to design and deliver service migrations from legacy DC to ACI SDDC
ACI-FC-HCKBasic Health Check ServiceBasic fabric health check service
ACI-AC-AHCAdvance Health CheckExtended fabric health and optimisation service
ACI-VC-CUSACI MetsiCare ServicesCustomised MetsiCare operational support services

SDA Network Services Packages

SDA-FD-PVRSDA Remote PoVRemote Proof of Value (PoV) to demonstrate SD-Access capabilities, including frabric design, assurance, and integrations.
SDA-FD-POVSDA Customer PoVA customer specific on-site Proof of Value of an entrprise fabric, network assuarance, integrations and service automation
SDA-FD-FABSDA Fabric FoundationDeploy a software defined enterprise fabric to leverage network automation, and secure end-to-end segmentation using a policy based solution.
SDA-FD-NETSDA Assurance FoundationUse historical and realtime insights to proactively monitor and troubleshoot the network.
SDA-FD-AIQAdvise and Implement Quick StartCisco SD-Access Advise and Implement Quick Start
SDA-FD-ISEIdentity Services Engine Design ServiceCisco Identity Services Engine technology readiness assessment and design service.
SDA-AD-WLCWLC IntegrationAdd-on: Integrate wireless access into the SD-Access architecture to gain the advantages of Fabric and DNAC automation.
SDA-AD-LANLAN AutomationAdd-on: Automate the deployment of new switch devices inline with  Cisco best practices, in order to achieve maximum stability for the Underlay.
SDA-AD-ZTPZero-Touch ProvisioningAdd-on: Automate the deployment of new devices in their factory default state so they are integrated onto the network with minimal human intervention.
SDA-AD-SMLSmart LicensingAdd-on: Transition from the legacy on-the-box license model to a dynamic cloud based licensing system.
SDA-AD-TEMService TemplatingAdd-on: Use Day-0 templates for complete device configuration out-of-the-box, or, use Day-N templates for iterative configuration pushes to hundreds of devices.
SDA-AD-QOSQuality of ServiceAdd-on: Automate the deployment of an end-to-end QoS policy to protect business critical applications. 
SDA-AD-STWStealthWatchAdd-on: Using gathered network telemetry, detect advanced threats across the private network, public clouds, and even encrypted traffic.
SDA-VD-CUSSDA Custom SolutionCustomised SDA fabric and assurance design and deployment to meet customer specific requirements
SDA-VD-LMGLimited MigrationAdvanced: Kick-starter service migration package
SDA-VD-MIGCustom Service MigrationAdvanced: Provide consultancy services to design and deliver service migrations from legacy networks to campus fabric and SDA
SDA-FC-HCKBasic Health Check ServiceBasic SDA health check service
SDA-FD-FABAdvance Health MonitoringExtended SDA health and optimisation service
SDA-VC-CUSSDA MetsiCare ServicesCustomised MetsiCare operational support services

SDWAN Network Services Packages

SDW-FD-POVSD-WAN PoVA customer specific on-site Proof of Value of Cisco Viptella SD-WAN, integrations and service automation
SDW-FD-DEPSD-WAN FoundationFixed duration foundation Cisco Viptella service design and deployment, with basic NMS integrations
SDW-FD-AIQAdvise and Implement Quick StartCisco SD-WAN Advise and Implement Quick Start
SDW-VD-CUSCustom SD-WAN DeploymentCustomised SD-WAN service design and deployment to meet customer specific requirements
SDW-VD-LMGLimited MigrationAdvanced: Kick-starter service migration package
SDW-VD-MIGCustom SD-WAN MigrationAdvanced: Provide consultancy services to design and deliver service migrations from legacy networks SD-WAN
SDW-FC-HCKBasic Health Check ServiceBasic SD-WAN health check service
SDW-AC-AHCAdvance Health MonitoringExtended SD-WAN health and optimisation service
SDW-VC-CUSSD-WAN MetsiCare ServicesCustomised MetsiCare operational support services

Cisco Enterprise Cloud Suite

How you define agility is dependent on your role and the processes that need automating: End users want to order applications in a self-service manner and take delivery within minutes. Application developers need automated delivery of standardized infrastructure resources to develop, test, and deploy applications. IT needs to deliver application workloads on-demand in an automated and repeatable manner, eliminating manual provisioning or deprovisioning of resources.

View Cisco Enterprise Cloud Suite

Cisco ACI

Cisco ACI helps customers manage and excel in complex environments by increasing operational efficiencies, delivering network automation, and improving security for any combination of on-premises data centers, private, and public clouds. With ACI, customers can increase business agility through network optimisation, business protection, and cloud enablement.

View Cisco ACI

CASE STUDY: Large Financial Enterprise

Customer Overview Industry: Financial Sector Location: Brussels, Belgium Number of Employees: 4000 Challenge Complex request management process No automation and orchestration of business processes Complex business process and approvals requiring manual intervention Integration into VMware, XenDesktop, SCCM, IPAM, ITSM and more...

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