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Multicloud Management

Managing a diverse spectrum of cloud needs and readiness

In todays diverse economy, business requirements and dynamics have two common themes

  1. Businesses need to move to cloud at their own pace and with flexibility, very often trading off between innovation speed and investment protection targets.
  2. The new multicloud reality is generating new requirements and making things more complex than expected, and as a result, they need simplicity to take full advantage of the cloud services they need, regardless of where they reside.

Flexibility and simplicity don’t often go together well, and the cloud is no exception!

Many companies moving to cloud say they will buy services from multiple providers.

Cisco’s Multicloud Portfolio builds on their rich cloud product set and delivers a simple offer structure.

As customers embrace the multicloud world, they need to Connect, Protect and Consume cloud services in a consistent way, no matter where the cloud services reside. Often their journey starts with understanding how to build or execute their cloud strategy, which requires the right level of Advisory services.

Unlike other solutions that optimize only for specific cloud environments or a single cloud, Cisco Multicloud Portfolio can help you optimize for the realities of a multicloud world.

Cisco has essential software that simplifies how you connect, protect, and consume clouds in a multicloud world.

Based on our experience in the field and the complex customer problems we have solved, we have defined a number of service packages, which will accelerate the adoption of your digital transformation journey.

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