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Infrastructure Service Catalog

Your Enterprise Portal - the "Single Pane of Glass"

If your company is using automation to deliver data center and application services, an Infrastructure Service Catalog is your essential user interface. Complex solutions become easy-to-order standard services that can drive workloads across diverse environments. An Infrastructure Service Catalog makes it easier for IT to offer services.

An enterprise service catalogue is the core piece in ITaaS. It resides at the top of the automation stack, translating your technology into logical, measurable services that are easy to order and manage. It supports a broad range of IT and non-IT services allowing end users to consume them easily. provides the necessary ‘single pane of glass’ through which all services are then exposed and fulfilled.

However, not all service catalogues are created equal. There are leading vendors who pioneered some of the most well-known back-office tools now fighting to promote their front office solutions to you. They all claim to offer modular features as an orchestration layer. In reality, the feature set is limited, meaning your organisation risks being locked-into a solution that’s unable to scale as your organisation grows or your IT requirements change.

What’s more, the back office is in a constant state of change. The addition of new infrastructure, storage, and databases often results in performance issues in front-office apps. It can even break them in some cases, leading to costly service outages and frustrated end users – whether that’s your employees or your end customers.

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