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Metsi continues to expand its networking capability with Avi Networks partnership

Press Release: Oct 10, 2018

Published on October 12, 2018

Metsi continues to expand its networking capability with Avi Networks partnership

Established in 2012, Metsi is a privately-owned IT services company and now has a local US presence to compliment operations in UK, Germany and South Africa. Metsi has a proven track record in delivering results, efficiencies, innovation, and competitiveness to its customers, having already helped businesses across many continents and a wide range of industries.

We are excited to officially announce we have become a Preferred Services Partner for Avi Networks and will offer Implementation Services, Deployment and Migration Services and other Advanced Services around design, deployment and automation of Avi Solutions.

Avi networks deliver Cloud-like Simplicity for Application Networking to Enterprises that seek public-cloud-like agility. However, appliance-based load balancers can’t meet the needs of cloud-native applications in modern data centers. Avi Networks matches the application services needs of these dynamic environments that go well beyond load balancing with the Avi Vantage Platform. This platform, design and build up in this new era of software defined datacenters provides flexibility, scalability and a reliable experience to any application onsite in a private or a public cloud. AVI networks eliminates overspending and over-provisioning and elevates load balancing by taking advantage of the strategic position of load balancers (in the path of application traffic) to deliver application insights that have never before been possible. The Avi Vantage Platform, intelligence and elasticity across any cloud.

Metsi will manage the entire services project lifecycle and help customers expand the flexibility and scalability of their applications across any cloud without compromises.

Avi Networks can reduce your TCO as it does not require proprietary hardware and integrates into the virtualisation platform of your choice as you do for any other virtualized server that you want to deploy. With auto scaling and 100% API driven automation it is ready to provide further growth of the data center solution you prefer to build, with or without micro services or containerised applications. It does not cause bottlenecks, as it is fully integrated within the software defined datacenter. The split architecture provides cutting edge architecture for application performance delivery and a management platform with detailed logs and analytics to help find the root cause of application issues in minutes.

Steven Van Loo, who comes from a strong background networking, security and virtualisation is the Metsi AVI Networks practice lead, and can be contacted at +32 475 41 36 55 or

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