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IAAS out of the box

Are you looking for an IAAS out of the box – an Infrastructure as a service solution that fits in to your requirements.  We have built a customisable  IAAS platform in Simpla

IAAS out of the box click below to see our Simpla Service Catalog webinar

Simpla Self Service Catalog Webinar

This also works with Cisco Application Centric (Software Defined Networking)

IAAS out of the box click below to see our easy Cisco ACI Deployment process in action

Easy Cisco ACI deployments

Our IAAS out the box solution allows you to configure the platform from a simple Web GUI. Using forms to configure your target infrastructure and then to provide a front end for this to your customer base.  Your customers can then build their own infrastructure out from this front end web GUI.  Using Cisco’s UCS Director we can then easily extract VM and physical server usage to use in invoicing so that customers pay for only what they use.

Virtual Servers  can be easily configured

Simpla Build Config
Simpla Build Config

Cisco ACI Networks can also be easily configured

Simpla ACI Config
Simpla ACI Config


This system builds your customer’s intent for their infrastructure – this gets bundled up into a single blob of data that can then be sent to an Orchestrator like Cisco UCS Director’s orchestration engine, which can build out the VMs and networking required.

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