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Cisco UCS Director REST API Capabilities

Although UCS Director does not have a native, built in REST API capability, creating functionality through a UCS Director Custom Workflow Task is quite simple. Here we expand Cisco UCS Director REST API Capabilities using a datapump, a set of code to perform a collection of data activities making orchestration activities simpler.


We, at Metsi, have used this method many times to connect to external REST API based systems, within a workflow to create seamless interaction with external systems.

This opens up UCS Director to become the central orchestrator within your infrastructure to be able to interact with file or server based systems.

Metsi Datapump is a solution we built to interact with any system to return the data in JSON.  We called this a Data Pump – this way we can get JSON into a Cloupia (UCS Director code)  workflow.

This diagram shows how we can get data in and out of UCS Director using REST and/or file based data.

Making UCS Director do more for you is a key advantage to the product and we have a long track record of doing this for many companies.


Having an end to end fully automated process driven by a simple spreadsheet is a great way to build out environments.  This diagram shows how we can automate the following, using a spreadsheet:

  • Read the Excel Sheet
  • Build a VM using the data in the sheet
  • Send a data payload to Puppet to get software installed onto the VM
  • Add the data for the VM into a MySQL database after it has been provisioned
  • Add data into a SQL Server Database table after the VM has been provisioned
  • Add the VM to a helpdesk based system (e.g. OSTicket) so that issues with it can be logged


This is just an  example of a complex process, achievable using tried and tested methods to build up the process in a Task by Task process offered by Cisco UCS Director



With built in Powershell and SSH capability – the combinations and possibilities to automate any provisioning process is almost endless.


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