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ExtraHop gives you unprecedented, real-time access to all the threats and opportunities hiding within your enterprise so you can not only adapt to change, but bring it into focus—and drive your business forward.

ExtraHop makes data-driven IT a reality with real-time analytics and cloud-based machine learning. We analyze every single digital interaction occurring on the network and turn that data into the most accurate and timely source of intelligence for everyone from IT Operations to Security to the CIO.

Stream Processing

The network is the common denominator that connects all digital interactions. ExtraHop invented a fundamentally new way to observe and analyze these interactions. Real-time stream processing transforms the network into the ultimate source of truth for business, security, and IT.

The ExtraHop platform makes sense of the data flowing through your network so you can get insights immediately. The real-time stream processor transforms unstructured packets into structured wire data—your richest and most valuable source of insight—at line rate so that you can discover, observe, and analyze every digital interaction as it happens.


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