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Cisco Tetration

What if you could actually look at and understand every data packet that has ever traversed your network?

Near real-time visibility with deep forensics, segmentation, workload protection, and behavior-based application insights

What if you could actually look at and understand every data packet that has ever traversed your network?

In today’s environment of rapid application deployment and application mobility, network traffic is predominantly east-west, and data centers are becoming increasingly complex. This surge in east-west traffic exacerbates the challenges for data center operations. Without full visibility into network traffic, IT has difficulty fully understanding exact application communication patterns and implementing policies between different application tiers.

The Cisco® Tetration AnalyticsTM solution provides pervasive visibility into your data center and cloud environments that was not possible before. By using both hardware and software sensors deployed across the data center infrastructure, Cisco Tetration collects every packet and every flow at every speed. Moreover, we can add third-party configuration data, such as server load-balancing configurations and configuration management database information to the sensors, to increase the solution’s full understanding of your environment. In addition to the granular packet-based telemetry, the Cisco Tetration solution can also collect and maintain inventory about the processes running on each of the servers. This new visibility enables you to have a more nimble and responsive environment to support all the network and application changes coming your way.

Cisco Tetration offers the following unrivalled benefits:

  1. Achieve optimal design for the Cisco Tetration platform and scale
  2. Reduce application discovery effort with help from Cisco experts and leading best practices
  3. Increase the value of the Cisco Tetration solution with expert system analysis
  4. Increase your team’s knowledge to fully benefit from the value of the Cisco Tetration platform
  5. Improve operational performance for your Cisco Tetration platform with ongoing support from experts
  6. Rapidly evolve your data center policies to better align them to your changing business needs
  7. Simplify operational decisions about complex data center application migration

Application segmentation

Cisco Tetration dramatically simplifies your zero-trust operations. Using behavior-based application insight and machine learning, it allows customers to build dynamic segmentation policy models and automate policy enforcement. Its infrastructure agnostic approach supports both on-premise and public cloud workloads.

An introduction to Tetration

Experts cover the solution architecture and then walk through a technical demo.

Mapping your applications

See how Cisco Tetration uses telemetry, maps app dependencies and recommends whitelist policy.

Make zero-trust a reality

An expert deep dive on how Cisco Tetration handles modern security challenges in the data centre.

See the Cisco experience

IDC reveals the results that we’ve achieved using Tetration in our data centres.

Extend your data centre life

Cisco IT bought another 7 to 8 years out of existing data centres, and saved $50 million.

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