Enterprise Multi-Cloud Solutions with Cisco Software and Metsi Services

Enterprise Multi-Cloud Solutions with Cisco Software and Metsi Services

Enterprise Multi-Cloud Solutions with Cisco Software & Metsi Services

Are you looking for a leading multi-cloud management platform that scales with your business and offers unrivalled value?

Let us show you the Metsi Multi-Cloud Service Oriented Data Center Architecture and journey we take our customers on.

  1. Enterprise Portal – Helping you move towards a service oriented architecture. The single pane of glass gives a central dashboard through which all services are exposed and fulfilled. Your services could be “Ordering a new virtual machine”, “Restarting a network device”, “Running a compliance scan”, “Employee onboarding”, “Rebuilding a customer tenant”, “Deploying a multi-tier application into a public or private cloud”, “Ordering a car parking space”, etc..The services can be anything you have defined which are exposed to your end user base. This is your core business, and an enterprise service catalog can provide a platform of standardisation for how services are exposed and fulfilled. The Metsi mantra is “giving the iTunes experience to IT’.”
  2. Infrastructure – Typically, the journey begins with the infrastructure, which can consist of a mixture of private resources in the data center such as hypervisors, flexpods,vblocks, or other hardware. You may have a number of public cloud providers such as Amazon or Azure. Regardless of where you infrastructure resides, we need a comprehensive IaaS solution which can offer elastic computing, network and storage, which can scale as the environment scales.
  3. Workload Optimisation – Workloads are growing 26% year over year and  IT budgets growing at 3%. Before “jumping” to the cloud, optimising your workloads on your current infrastructure and resources can provide tremendous cost saves.
  4. Application Management – The story gets real interesting, when we look at modelling and provisioning applications in multi cloud environments. With ease, we can model complex n-tier applications and deploy them in a few clicks to over 19 datacenter, private and public cloud environments.
  5. Performance Monitoring – As we have now provisioned a complex set of resources such as compute, network storage, databased and apps which are all serving the business, we need to make sure we have a level of service assurance and availability management in place. If we take a few steps back and look at what we’ve done– We’ve created VMs, networks, storage, applications, containers, etc.. in public and private clouds. We need to have a world class application and business performance and end user monitoring solution to scale as the business scales.
  6. Analytics – As users, devices, APIs and applications consume and interact with services, we can then gather intelligence and analytics in the environment. We can get real-time telemetry data from application components and identify application groups and their communication patterns and service dependencies. The ability to analyse millions of events per second, provides actionable insight near real-time
  7. Orchestration – We always integrate the data center world with IT Service Management environments. The boundaries are changing and in the new digital age, companies needs innovative and agile solutions. The Orchestration component enables end to end service delivery which requires integration via APIs, to functions like CMDB, helpdesk, monitoring and asset management, etc… For example, when you are deploying an application to a cloud, you may need to retrieve the application pricing information from your billing system, the cloud pricing from the cloud provider, and then when the order is submitted you may need to open a ticket in your helpdesk, create a configuration item in the CMDB, send email notifications, and also send messages to the end customer informing them the application has been deployed.

Cisco software solutions can provide an Enterprise Multi-Cloud platform to deliver value and agility for you to build a next generation IT landscape that serves your business.

Cisco Prime Service Catalog | UCS Director | Cisco Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM/turbonomic) | Cisco CloudCenter | Cisco Process Orchestrator | AppDynamics | ACI

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Cisco Enterprise Cloud Suite

How you define agility is dependent on your role and the processes that need automating: End users want to order applications in a self-service manner and take delivery within minutes. Application developers need automated delivery of standardized infrastructure resources to develop, test, and deploy applications. IT needs to deliver application workloads on-demand in an automated and repeatable manner, eliminating manual provisioning or deprovisioning of resources.

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Cisco ACI

Cisco ACI helps customers manage and excel in complex environments by increasing operational efficiencies, delivering network automation, and improving security for any combination of on-premises data centers, private, and public clouds. With ACI, customers can increase business agility through network optimisation, business protection, and cloud enablement.

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CASE STUDY: Large Financial Enterprise

Customer Overview Industry: Financial Sector Location: Brussels, Belgium Number of Employees: 4000 Challenge Complex request management process No automation and orchestration of business processes Complex business process and approvals requiring manual intervention Integration into VMware, XenDesktop, SCCM, IPAM, ITSM and more...

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