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Intelligent Application Management with CloudCenter & AppDynamics

Published on July 1, 2018

Intelligent Application Management with CloudCenter & AppDynamics

Application architectures are evolving. They now consume services from multiple data center and cloud environments, making it harder to ensure quality of service with infrastructure-focused metrics alone. To meet expectations, IT organizations need intelligent application orchestration that combines business relevant application performance monitoring with automated application orchestration, and that works seamlessly across environments.

The Cisco CloudCenter solution with AppDynamics allows enterprises to seamlessly deploy, monitor, and optimize applications as part of both traditional data center and multicloud strategies.

AppDynamics automatically monitors applications, discovers and baselines
end-to-end Business Transactions so IT teams can instantly identify and remediate business impacting performance bottlenecks. The Cisco CloudCenter solution provides application-centric orchestration that works across data center and cloud environments.

Together, these solutions go beyond infrastructure monitoring and automation.

They provide deep visibility and intelligent alerting with automated application-centricresponses, helping organizations avoid quality-of-service problems that affect the business. They simplify the application lifecycle and can even help identify code and workload issues that, if left unresolved, may increase costs and reduce performance.


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